Finance Wednesday

finance wednesday

Greeting once again my Finance Wednesday readers.

Filipino people seem to be prone to pyramid schemes. I don’t think because of ignorance but more like because of laziness.

You tell them that they can also earn from steemit or other apps but it will involve a little effort like creating an article. They will just look at you funny and give you a smug look.

However, if you tell them that if they give you 1000 pesos now and in 1 month time it will become 5000 pesos they will gladly handover that 1000 pesos without asking why or how.

Then they started crying when they get scammed. Typical greedy and lazy people I think.


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A little help to @bigtrader24, maybe the community would be willing to give him more boost to help him out a bit.

A welcome comment to his post would be nice too and a little info on how to improve his chance and earnings here in steemit would be greatly appreciated.

Read @bigtrader24 full article HERE.

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Yet another airdrop from @ruah.

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*Greetings to all the lovely communities!*

*I understand if most of us are extra busy since we all have bills to pay. I guess everyone can relate to every situation whenever we feel that our efforts are never enough. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just do your best and keep your faith. God will always care because He loves you.*

#### Meanwhile, Philippines was very much devastated again by a strong typhoon. The said typhoon named *Rosita* (under international name as Yutu) has ravaged northern Philippines. Filipino resilience was again tested, and these great people has maintained their faith, and standing amidst the calamity. May those who were affected recover the soonest, and prayers goes to them.

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## Come on, Let’s start!

## <center>[Baktas Oplan Tsinelas](</center>

Author: @meetmysuperego</center>

<blockquote>Today, I want to express my gratitude to the people who supported the fund raising campaign for Krayola Project Movement’s Baktas Oplan Tsinelas.</blockquote>

@meetmysuperego’s fundraising was a success. They gave out slippers to the youth *ala-Korina*, and we’re hoping for more charities as this. Thanks for your kindheartedness!


## <center>[ScholarsPH Blog # 17: Life is Like a Basketball. Meet Our 5th Scholar, JM](</center>
<center>Author: @scholarsph</center>

<blockquote>And finally the most exciting part! The awarding after the church service last 10/21/2018. Our very own TP immediately gave the funds to JM and took the photo of him receiving the funds. Now moving forward he will be getting his stipends worth P1,000 pesos or around $20 each month.</blockquote>

Scholarship was finally awarded to JM. This is not the end of support from @scholarsph, and we’d like to thank @scholarsph team for the great deed. For sure, you have a lot more people in line to receive good deeds from you. Keep it up!


## <center>[Creating a Livelihood to Empowerment and Independence for our Indigenous Tribe in Tan-awan, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, Philippines](</center>

Author: @immarojas</center>

<blockquote>As @flabbergast-art is back to civilization, we can share to you guys on what it was like during our 2 days workshop. Attended by a total of 54 scholar students and 6 teachers, we can say that this event was a success from the moment we had the orientation last sunday.</blockquote>

Let’s help the indigenous people! A great deed to preserve not just a livelihood, but a culture from the entire tribe. Thanks @immarojas @flabbergast-art, and to the whole team of @walkofhope!


##### <center>*Humanity still exists. Let’s grab each other’s hands; wonderful things can be achieved.*</center>

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