Travel Sunday @Steemph 11/04/2018


Hello and good day once again Steemit family, hope you’re all doing awesome. This is @steemph once again to showcase some of the best travel posts around the Steemit Universe.

Let’s go

Baguio Eco Park

This post by @travelsbyblue is fascinating because it was both educational and religious plus this I don’t think a lot of people know there’s a place like this in Baguio.

It’s a place kind depicting some of the most important events that happened with Jesus Christ by models/statues or whatever you call them, on a tour and it seems like a one of a kind experience.

Check it here.


This is honestly my first time hearing about this mall, posted by @sawi in Manila with her family.

It seems like a high end mall with casinos inside and even some paintings displayed that you won’t typically see in a mall. It is elegant and luxurious looking.

Check this post here.

Mount Batolusong

This amazing hiking post from @therainbow is about a mountain trip together with his friends in Tanay.

The place is filled with wonders because it looks really majestic and there’s even a picture of what they’ve eaten during the trip.

The group looks really happy and this is a place a lot of hikers would love to try to conquer too just like what they did.

Check it here.

Disclaimer: All pics are from the authors.

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