Finance Wednesday


Greetings it’s another Finance Wednesday.

I know some of you are fond of using DLike. Maybe it’s just me but I would not feel happy if someone else is making money from my articles. Some might argue that it is giving your article more exposure. I will agree on that if you will only put 2 or 3 sentences but if you put the whole article then at the end put a link to say “read the full article here” is just a joke.

This is what the is doing to our articles in steemit. It is alright for the people who only post on steemit but how about the other who also put it in their personal blogs.

What doing is just plain plagiarism, maybe just because it is in the steemit blockchain it is for public use.

Anyway, I don’t agree with what is doing and I don’t agree with using DLike.


# <center>FEATURED POSTS</center>
<center>*All images are from their respective authors/articles.*</center>


# [Choosing a Wallet]( by @afterglow

If you are a beginner to the world of cryptocurrency and just heard about “wallet” this article will help you understand what crypto wallet is.

### Read @afterglow’s full article [HERE](


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Finance Wednesday is NOT just another boring finance news. This is where the money is. We cover a bit of everything from tutorials to where to get “extra income”

Do you have a post or article related to money, crypto or anything related to finance? Get FEATURED on Finance Wednesday to be curated thus earning more rewards and to get more exposure.

Follow the guidelines below and we might feature your post here at Steemph.

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* Original contents preferred. Use “quote tags” if you are copying a section of an article or post.

* Posts must not be more than 4 days old. Post it on a Sunday to Tuesday.

* “steemph tag” must be used to be eligible.

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# <center>About The Author</center>

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Webcoop is a blogger, cryto enthusiast and a beginner trader. You can read his blog at [STEEMIT]( or at his personal blog []( He also provide web hosting at []( Chat with him on [DISCORD]( and share knowledge about crypto, trading, etc.

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If you want to learn the whole basics of creating a website, I have made tutorials and more to come.

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Well that’s it for this week’s Finance Wednesday. Thank you for joining us. Just a reminder @SteemPh will now be curating the following topics on these days and we would love to feature your post in our weekly columns.

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