TRAVEL SUNDAY @SteemPh 10/28/2018

Hello and welcome again readers to today’s Travel Sunday by @steemph and as always, we’re gonna feature some of the best travel posts around Steemit by wonderful Steemians.

Before anything else, I would like to congratulate the whole Steemit community for voting Steemit to be number 1 and also Halloween, All Saint’s Day is almost here so hope you all guys take care when visiting your loved ones.

Alright, so let’s go and look at these wonderful travel posts.

Venice Grand Canal

We’ll start off with a place I really wanted to visit in Taguig, Metro Manila ever since I’ve heard about it.

It’s called Venice Grand Canal, a place created like the one in Italy which is really beautiful and magnificent and it was featured by @travelsbyblue on his latest travel post.

And the post doesn’t just showed the areas of the place but the cheapest and easiest way to get there. It really feels like you’re in Italy when you visit here.

Check out the post here.

Olango Island

This one is from @steemtoni22 where the post is about an island in Cebu called Olango Island where he and his buddies had a great time bicycle riding.

The place is really simple and looks clean and it seems a nice place to live in. It’s nice to see these guys having a fun time and it’s great to bring your family here too.

Check out the post here.

Disclaimer: All pics are from the authors.

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