Finance Wednesday


Greetings it’s another Finance Wednesday.

I know some of you are fond of using DLike. Maybe it’s just me but I would not feel happy if someone else is making money from my articles. Some might argue that it is giving your article more exposure. I will agree on that if you will only put 2 or 3 sentences but if you put the whole article then at the end put a link to say “read the full article here” is just a joke.

This is what the is doing to our articles in steemit. It is alright for the people who only post on steemit but how about the other who also put it in their personal blogs.

What doing is just plain plagiarism, maybe just because it is in the steemit blockchain it is for public use.

Anyway, I don’t agree with what is doing and I don’t agree with using DLike.


# <center>FEATURED POSTS</center>
<center>*All images are from their respective authors/articles.*</center>


# [Choosing a Wallet]( by @afterglow

If you are a beginner to the world of cryptocurrency and just heard about “wallet” this article will help you understand what crypto wallet is.

### Read @afterglow’s full article [HERE](


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Finance Wednesday is NOT just another boring finance news. This is where the money is. We cover a bit of everything from tutorials to where to get “extra income”

Do you have a post or article related to money, crypto or anything related to finance? Get FEATURED on Finance Wednesday to be curated thus earning more rewards and to get more exposure.

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# <center>About The Author</center>

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Webcoop is a blogger, cryto enthusiast and a beginner trader. You can read his blog at [STEEMIT]( or at his personal blog []( He also provide web hosting at []( Chat with him on [DISCORD]( and share knowledge about crypto, trading, etc.

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Well that’s it for this week’s Finance Wednesday. Thank you for joining us. Just a reminder @SteemPh will now be curating the following topics on these days and we would love to feature your post in our weekly columns.

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Tuesday Community Competitions | “Your Favorites” Writing Contest

Good morning Philippines and hello Steemworld! We are once again being hit by another typhoon, which hours ago, according to [ABS CBN News]( has hit landfall in Isabela, one of the provinces in the Northern part of the country. I myself am experiencing strong winds and this, they said, is only signal no. 1! I can only imagine what Isabela and all the other nearby provinces are experiencing right now. Please keep safe everyone. And if it’s really not necessary to go out, stay indoors.

And since there’s not much we can do outside, what better way to keep ourselves busy than to stay online. Keep in touch with our friends. Update our blogs. And oh, why not join SteemPH’s Tuesday Community Competitions!

That’s right! We are on week 2 of *”Your Favorites”* season 2. Last week, we asked that you tell us about your favorite book/s. We didn’t get that much participation. It’s sad but because of that, we still have more prizes for another contest! Talk about seeing the good in the bad, right?

Let’s get down to it! For this week, tell us about *”Your Favorite Children’s Story!”* Cinderella. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The Hunchback of Notre Damme. What stories excited you when you were little? What stories do you let your kids read today? Let us know! We’d be glad to check them out as well.

### Requirements:

  • Entries may be written in English and Tagalog. It should be English ONLY or Tagalog ONLY.

  • Entries should have 300 words or more.You might want to keep it below 1500 words though

  • Your entry should be in a narrative form.

  • Upvote and resteem this post for maximum visibility.

  • Post a link to your post as a comment below. (Our judge will review the entries from the comments)

  • Users may submit two entries each.

  • All entries must be original.

  • Photos must be properly credited if not your original photo.

### Prizes:

1st place: 3SBD

2nd place: 2SBD

3rd place: 1SBD

### Our Sponsors:

We once again would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity:



Final submission of entries will be on Sunday 11:59PM Manila time. The winners will be announced on our next edition of Tuesday Community Competition along with the next contest.

Check out @steemph curation schedule

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Monday Short Stories & Poetey with @steemph

# Alam n’yo ba?!

…na ang salitang **tokhang** ay nagmula sa pinagsamang dalawang salitang bisaya na *toktok* (katok) at *hangyo* (pakiusap). At ito ay ginamit sa malawakang kilusan laban sa droga ng mga kapulisan sa pangunguna ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte.

At alam n’yo rin ba na ang salitang **tokhang** ay napili bilang Salita ng Taong 2018 mula sa labing-isang mga kalahok na salita na nominado ng kumperensiyang Sawikaan ng Filipinas Institute of Translation, Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, at Unibersidad ng Pilipinas.

Ang ilan sa mga pinagpiliang mga salita ay ang mga sumusunod :
Dengvaxia, DDS (Davao Death Squad), Dilawan, Fake news, Federalismo, Foodie, Quo warranto, Resibo, TRAIN, Troll

Ilan lamang ito sa mga ulat tungkol sa mga wikang Filipino na madalas nating naririnig sa araw-araw. Malay natin, makaisip ka ng iba pang salita na maaaring ilahok sa susunod na pagpipilian. Maaaring maging nominado sa Salita ng Taon ang mga salitang imbento, salitang hiram mula sa katutubo o banyagang wika, mga lumang salita ngunit may bago at kakaibang kahulugan, o kaya naman ay lumang salita na muling binuhay at pinapasikat sa ngayon.

[“Word Poetry Challenge #19 : Ulan”](

>Hindi ko malilimutan ang mga masasayang araw nating lumisan
Kasabay ng pagbuhos ng ulan ang mga ala- alang nakaraan
Munting isipan namulat sa aliw sa may putikan
Kaya sa tulang ito’y ating balikan ang araw na tayo’y nagkasama sa ulan.


[Wordchallenge No.19|”ULAN”|Tagalog Edition](

>Pagmamasdan lang sana ang ulan
Habang tumatagaktak sa bubungan.
Nahulog mula sa balisbisan
Salo ng kamay, sinusubukang hawakan.


[“Word Poetry Challenge #19 :ULAN”](

>Ito nanaman ang kidlat at kulog marahil maya maya lang susunod na ang ULAN.
Ito ang araw na masaya ang lahat ng magsasaka.
Ngunit ang iba namay talagang nagagalit sila.
Ang ulan ay isang biyayang galing sa langit.

*Disclaimer : Hindi po ako tauhan ni ginoong @jassennessaj o kaya naman ay tagatampok ng kanyang wordchallenge. Sadyang iilan lamang ang napagpilian ko para sa curation nitong nakaraang linggo at tiyempo na puro lahok sa wordchallenge ang aking na-curate. ?*

### Para mapabilang sa curation, narito ang ilan sa mga alituntunin na kailangang sundin :

* Orihinal na akda lamang ang maaring isulat. Marunong ako mag-search kung kinopya mo lamang ang iyong gawa.
* Mangyaring gamitin lamang po ang tag na Steemph kahit hindi ito ang unang tag.
* Para sa maikling kwento, kailangang lumampas sa 300 na mga salita. Para sa tula, ang lampas tatlong saknong sa apatang linya (3stanzas of 4lines) ang mabibilang. Para sa sanaysay, tatlong talata naman pataas.
* Orihinal na larawan ang dapat gamitin. Kung hindi naman, idetalye nang malinaw ang pinagkuhanan ng larawan.
* Ang mga posts hanggang sa ikatlong araw lamang ang aking pwedeng i-feature. (Posts must be recent up to 3days old)

### Antabayanan ang iba pang pagtatampok :

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TRAVEL SUNDAY @SteemPh 10/28/2018

Hello and welcome again readers to today’s Travel Sunday by @steemph and as always, we’re gonna feature some of the best travel posts around Steemit by wonderful Steemians.

Before anything else, I would like to congratulate the whole Steemit community for voting Steemit to be number 1 and also Halloween, All Saint’s Day is almost here so hope you all guys take care when visiting your loved ones.

Alright, so let’s go and look at these wonderful travel posts.

Venice Grand Canal

We’ll start off with a place I really wanted to visit in Taguig, Metro Manila ever since I’ve heard about it.

It’s called Venice Grand Canal, a place created like the one in Italy which is really beautiful and magnificent and it was featured by @travelsbyblue on his latest travel post.

And the post doesn’t just showed the areas of the place but the cheapest and easiest way to get there. It really feels like you’re in Italy when you visit here.

Check out the post here.

Olango Island

This one is from @steemtoni22 where the post is about an island in Cebu called Olango Island where he and his buddies had a great time bicycle riding.

The place is really simple and looks clean and it seems a nice place to live in. It’s nice to see these guys having a fun time and it’s great to bring your family here too.

Check out the post here.

Disclaimer: All pics are from the authors.

Each day, each one of us writers will cover a certain topic and we will either write our own post or curate the best ones out there.

So, if you want to get more rewards or curated, make sure to follow the guidelines and we might feature your post here at Steemph.

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